Scott Bicycles

No shortcuts. It's how Scott Cycling designs. How they ride. How they think. They could talk all day about specs, features, technologies, innovations and on and on - and some days they do. But, the truth is, the reason they do what they do is because they're just as obsessed with the road, the trail and with every challenge and triumph that happens in the saddle as you are. They make bikes for those who want to get lost in the experience. For some SCOTT athletes, that means reaching the pinnacle of the sport and wearing the Maillot Jaune or World Champions jersey. For others it simply means taking the long way home after work. Whether it's maximizing efficiency at both 27.5" and 29" or getting the absolute most out of every gram of carbon on our frames, when they say "No Shortcuts," it's not just the way they build their bikes, it's also how they hope you use them... They make bikes for those who measure life in pedal strokes.

Scott Bikes

Jamis Bicycles

Jamis Bikes

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Rocky Mountain Bikes

For 35 years, Rocky Mountain Bicycles has been designing, developing, and perfecting mountain bikes in and around the north shore of Vancouver, British Columbia. This diverse playground has offered us the ideal proving grounds for all types of riding. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate race machine, an all-mountain bike, or a trusty all-rounder for weekend thrills, we build exceptional bicycles to fit your riding style.


Bacchetta Recumbent Bicycles

Bacchetta Bikes

Around the country and around the world, bikes are many things to many people: fitness, transportation, recreation and racing. Bacchetta believes that their bikes fit and excel in each of these categories.

Since they started as a company in 2001, they've found that their bikes have created a bridge between being a company and belonging to a group of friends that they call family. It's the difference between buying a product because it's cheap and available or purchasing a product you plan to hold on to for years. Any company can build a bike. Bacchetta will even expand on this premise to say that any company can build a bike to look like a bacchetta. But only with Bacchetta, will you get a company that builds the best recumbent bikes in the world, along with one on one customer service and a family of riders, always there to support you.

ICE Trikes

Did you know that a recumbent holds the world speed record for a bicycle, and they were banned from racing under the UCI in 1934? Coastline is proud to be the exclusive Southwest Florida distributor for ICE recumbent trikes.

ICE was established in 1998 by recumbent enthusiasts Chris Parker and Niel Selwood. They were driven by two ideals: to design, develop, and produce the ultimate in recumbent trikes, and to support ICE owners with the highest level of customer service. Over the years the company has come a long way, but we continue to champion those ideals. Today, thousands of customers across 32 countries enjoy fun and freedom on their ICE trikes

ICE Trikes

SE Bikes

SE Bikes

Can you believe it? SE Bikes has been "Gettin' rad since '77" SE Bikes started out as this little company back in the late 70's making BMX race frames for local riders in Southern California and went on to become a powerhouse BMX rand. Over the years They've sponsored plenty of pro riders who have become champions - all on SE Bikes.

Fast -forward to today and you will see that their core is still deeply rooted in BMX. But just like you, they also like to ride and have fun on other styles of bikes. For 2015, their bike offerings now reach many different types of riders. They've got the bases covered with all of the categories of BMX, to beach cruisers, urban bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes. There is no doubt that within the SE line you will find the perfect bike for your riding needs.

Breezer Bicycles

Breezer Bikes is the first and oldest mountain bike company, started in 1977 when Joe Breeze hand built the first ten modern mountain bikes. These rare bikes can be seen at the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in Crested Butte, Colorado, the Shimano Museum in Osaka, Japan, and soon Breezer #1, the first modern mountain bike, will be on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.

Each and every Breezer today continues to be designed 100% by Joe Breeze. Applying almost forty years of engineering and design expertise, Joe makes cutting-edge mountain bikes in carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel, and puts this same critical focus into Breezer transportation bikes that are fast, light, and fun. Joe Breeze – one of the few authentic innovators in the bike world today.

Breezer bikes fit right into your life. Comfortable and easy to use, Breezers add spark to everyday living. Each commuter model is fitted for a quick trip to the store, a weekend jaunt with friends, or your trip to work. Once you have a Breezer, don’t be surprised as your car becomes your second vehicle. Breezer transportation bikes have won more Editor’s Choice Awards than any other transportation bike brand.

Breezer Bikes

Blix Bicycles

Blix Bikes

Since 2014, when they designed and built thier first e-bike, thousands of folks have ditched their cars for a more enjoyable ride on the most stylish, comfortable e-bike around.They build every ebike with a unique combination of sleek design and high performance, specifically made for everyday transportation and leisure riding.

Founded by Pontus Malmberg, who grew up in Sweden, a country where a third of the people ride bicycles to work and for play, the mission at Blix is to see bicycles become sustainable transportation here in North America. Today, Blix has become one of the fastest growing electric bicycle manufacturer in the U.S. They make it easier to live a healthier and active life. They make short distance travel more enjoyable, fast and easy. For companies, They make commercial deliveries sustainable, while lowering transportation cost and shorten the delivery time. For cities, They bring streets to life, increase accessibility, improve air quality, and help our community become truly sustainable - environmentally, economically, and socially.

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