Repair and Maintenance

Instead of waiting weeks for repairs, call Coastline and get back to riding. Keep your bikes in good condition through proper care and maintenance. A tune up or preventive maintenance should be performed at least once a year. Here are some of the service we offer.

Basic Tune-Up:

  • Brake adjustment
  • Shifter and derailluer adjustment
  • Spot wheel true
  • Lube cable and housing for brakes and derailluers
  • Security check for all accessories, i.e. water bottle cages, light, computer, etc.

Deluxe Tune-Up

  • Complete wheel true
  • Headset adjustment
  • Bottom bracket adjustment
  • Torque crank bolts
  • Correct torque specs
  • Bike wipe down
  • Free cables as needed
Bicycles posted up on the beach-side

Drivetrain Tune-Up:

The Drive-train Tune is for when just your drive-train is in need of extra attention. It allows for the installation of any drive-train part at no extra charge.

Service Includes:

  • Solvent clean chain
  • Detail clean both derail
  • Detail clean cranks
  • Shifter and derailluer adjustment
  • Lube cable and housing for derailluers

Safety Check:

Check bike for functionality/safety, inflate tires to proper psi, lube chain/pivot points, minor adjustments.

Brake Adjustment:

Lube and adjust levers & cables, inspect and adjust brake pads or replace.

Complete Overhaul:

Complete rebuild, new grease on all bearings, Cleaning of all components/frame. Your bicycle will be like new!

Tire & Tube Service:

Remove wheel, patch or replace tube, inflate to proper psi, and reinstall wheel.

Derailluer Adjustment

Inspect chain wear, adjust front/rear limit screws and index settings.

Overhaul Bottom Bracket

Remove, inspect, remove dirt/grease, tap threads and face frame, grease, assemble, and adjust BB to torque settings


Wash, degrease frame, polish frame, re-lube drive train.

Additional service to help keep you riding

  • Adjust rear derailleurs
  • Replace derailleurs cable
  • Replace brake cable
  • Wheel true
  • Bicycle shipping
  • Install chain
  • Install/remove cassette
  • Install or remove pedals
  • Install cleats (fitting not included)
  • Install saddle
  • Assemble new bike
  • Package bike for shipping (includes standard box)

Call us for more details and services, or stop by for a free estimate.

We're Your Service Professionals

Professionals with the right training and the right tools for the right job!

Coastline Cyclery owner / operator, Ben Eastburn is a graduate of the Barnett Bicycle Institute for Bicycle Mechanics. Ben is committed to hiring only the best professional mechanics.

Coastline Cyclery staff of trained and certified bicycle mechanics work on all makes a models of bikes and trikes, not just the ones we sell. Our service team participates in training sessions with factory service techs several times each year.

Whatever the scope of your repair, we are committed to providing you the highest quality service possible. From changing a flat tire to overhauling a suspension fork, from a basic check up to a complete overhaul of your bicycle, our expertise and enthusiasm for bicycle maintenance will benefit you.

We are happy to give free estimates on all work.

Walk-ins are welcome

Murphy's Law happens unexpectedly. You've been looking forward to a ride and find a flat tire, You hit a pot hole and knock the wheel out of true. Bring your bike in and we will fix it on the spot. If it is more serious and needs more time we will let you know how long it will take.

Come to the shop and we will get you riding again ASAP.

Appointments are helpful

For your convenience we offer appointments. Since your time is valuable, we'll let you know how long the repair will take so that you can plan accordingly. If it’ll be ready quickly, you might want to browse what's new in our store while you’re waiting.

Busy day full of errands? Want to run some errands while your bike's being fixed? Just give us a number where we can reach you in case we have any questions.

Coastline Cyclery's Service Promise

  • Because we are professionals, we promise to do things differently from our competitors.
  • We promise to make your experience in our shop a pleasurable and a memorable one. To listen to you, the customer. To make you feel welcome in our store and on our rides. To understand your needs. To never settle. To change the status quo.
  • We promise to be passionate about the bicycles we sell to you and about the bicycles you bring in for repair. To always treat your bicycle as our own.
  • We make this promise to you because we love cycling and we want you to love it just as much.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!